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Wild Hive Honey



Our Wild Hive Comb Honey combines one of our delicious seasonal honeys with a generous piece of real honeycomb.

The provenance of this honey dates back to the very beginnings of our career as beekeepers. Before the Varroa Mite and Small Hive Beetle arrived on the Big Island of Hawaii, it was common for wild bee swarms to make their home in places that were less than ideal -- such as inside the walls of someone's house. We received calls regularly asking us if we would come rescue and relocate those bees to a more appropriate place so the homeowner would not be forced to have them killed.

Transferring those bees to a protected, comfy beehive located amid the abundant flowers at Paradise Meadows yielded lots of real honeycomb, and we created our Wild Hive Comb Honey to help offset the cost of conducting those day-long bee saving expeditions.

Sadly, the parasites that now plague our honeybees here in Hawaii have made wild swarms very rare. When we have a hive that is thriving and strong enough to support the creation of honeycomb "from scratch", we are able to harvest that comb and continue to sell our Wild Hive honey. Availability of our Wild Hive honey is unpredictable -- if we are out of stock, be sure to check back from time to time. We promise to make this honey available whenever doing so will not over-tax our honeybees.

Honey from our hives is never heated, filtered, pasteurized or treated, so you can be sure you're getting all the flavor and nutritional benefits that make honey one of the most sought-after foods on the planet - and one of the best for you!

All raw honey will crystallize over time. How fast that happens depends in part on what types of nectars the bees used to create the honey, and in part on the temperature at which the honey is stored. The colder the temperature, the faster the honey will crystallize. Store honey at room temperature -- don't refrigerate honey unless you prefer it in its solid, spreadable form. Honey does not "spoil" -- crystallized honey is perfectly fine to eat. To restore honey to its liquid form, place the bottle in a bath of very warm water.


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