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Coffee Blossom Honey - 16 oz Jar
Coffee Blossom Honey - 16 oz Jar

Coffee Blossom Honey - 16 oz Jar



Our Coffee Blossom honey is a delicious, spreadable honey that the bees create when they pollinate the fragrant white blossoms that adorn our coffee trees when they’re in bloom. Coffee blossoms last only 3 days on the tree, so it’s not often that we can get a honey from our hives that is primarily coffee blossom honey. The crystals you’ll find in this raw honey occur naturally, and we package it in a wide-mouth container for maximum spreadability.

Coffee blossom honey tastes nothing like coffee and has no caffeine. Coffee blossoms, when fertilized, produce a fruit called coffee cherry that is sweet and tangy. The fragrance of the coffee blossom is similar to night-blooming jasmine, and the honey the bees produce when they sip the nectar from those blossoms is rich, complex and unimaginably delicious. Because Hawaii is the only place in North America that grows coffee, our Tropical Coffee honey is uniquely Hawaiian. You’ll want to stock up on this honey while supplies last.


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