Special Reserve Honey



Sometimes our bees do an extra specially good job of combining all the floral nectars they have available to them and produce a honey that simply knocks our socks off. It’s a happy accident that occurs occasionally and unpredictably, so the quantity we have of this special honey is limited, and the exact combination of flavors will likely never happen exactly the same way again.

Sometimes our Special Reserve honey is a lovely pourable honey that we bottle. Sometimes it’s a delicious spreadable honey available in our 5.5 and 11 oz. wide-mouth jars. Either way, when we have honey good enough to be called Special Reserve, you’ll want to take advantage of the occasion and stock up if you love it.

Honey from our hives is never heated, filtered, pasteurized or treated, so you can be sure you're getting all the flavor and nutritional benefits that make honey one of the most sought-after foods on the planet - and one of the best for you!

All raw honey will crystallize over time. How fast that happens depends in part on what types of nectars the bees used to create the honey, and in part on the temperature at which the honey is stored. The colder the temperature, the faster the honey will crystallize. Store honey at room temperature -- don't refrigerate honey unless you prefer it in its solid, spreadable form. Honey does not "spoil" -- crystallized honey is perfectly fine to eat. To restore honey to its liquid form, place the bottle in a bath of very warm water.


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