Dark Chocolate Vanilla Coffee Bean Crunch



You've never tasted chocolate covered coffee beans like our Dark Chocolate Covered Coffee Bean Crunch. First, we roast the finest 100% Hawaiian Ka'u Coffee for optimum crunch and flavor. Then we crush the beans to release all the delicious flavor notes our coffee is famous for. We add our signature vanilla crunch flavor - a delicious combination of organic raw sugar and vanilla sea salt with bits of real vanilla bean. And then we envelop it all in rich and silky dark chocolate.

Our coffee is grown at high elevations in the rich volcanic soil of the Ka'u region on the Big Island of Hawaii. We combine several varietals of Arabica beans, all grown using sustainable farming methods designed to respect and protect the 'aina ("the land"). And our chocolate comes from Guittard, one of America's oldest and finest chocolatiers.

We think our Chocolate Covered Coffee Bean Crunch is so good that, from the very first bite, you’ll regret that you‘ll ever have to reach the bottom of the bag – GUARANTEED. If you don’t agree, we’ll refund your purchase price.


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